News & Feature Stories

"The Revolution will not be NGOized," OpenDemocracy (2017)

"The Revival: Women and the Word," Q-Zine (2017)

"Will the Sky Fall when Big NGOs move South?" OpenDemocracy (2016)

'Queen of Glory': Q&A with Nana Mensah," Voices of Africa (2015)

"Reviving Canada's Conversation on Anti-Blackness," Rabble (2014)

"The Butterfly Effect of Boxing in the DRC," Al Jazeera English (2014)

"Whose Human Rights Day is it?," African Women's Development Fund (2014)

"DRC Government Clampdown on Violence Questioned," Waza (2014)

"A critique of 'An African City'," This is Africa (2014)

"The Africa They Never Show You," This is Africa (2014)

Short Fiction

"Curd," Saraba Magazine (2015)

"Self Care," Spartan Lit (2014)

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