They will know you by your fruit

This collaboration is part of THE VENGEANCE ANTHOLOGY, "a series of photographs and B-roll excerpts created by Monika Estrella Negra. Blending classic horror narratives and the collective struggles of Black women/femmes, the series explores the reality of existing in the 21st century."


Photography: Valérie Bah

Set Design: Monika Estrella Negra & Valérie Bah 

Make-Up & Gore: Monika Estrella Negra

Concept and Story: Valérie Bah & Monika Estrella Negra

Model: Monika Estrella Negra

(Words by Monika Estrella Negra)

"Violence affects Black women on multiple levels . This photo series explores the sadistic assault on our bodies and our ancestors, and the trauma passed on through the generations. The words accompanying these images are meant to invoke the stories present in our DNA and through our own lives. This was a significant process of working through transgenerational distress, and the toll it still takes upon us."

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