This is Not a Poem

In this lyrical video, Black and PoC trans, cis, and gender non conforming artists from Montreal express themselves on the theme of sexual violence through spoken word. 


Production & direction

Valérie Bah

Po B. K. Lomami

Claire Obscure

Featured artists & original poems

Dona La Luna  · My own

Noka Palm Trees ·  Homeland

Malek Yalaoui  · Healing is heavy

Shanice Nicole  · Maya’s voice

Kamissa Ma Koïta  · Coeur gangrène

Why’z Panthera  · De ma peau

Sound editing and mixing 

Claire Obscure

Rabii Allawerdi

Composition & original music

Rabii Allawerdi · Rxby



Eve-Adrienne Tagney


Nadine Mondestin

Filmed at: DESTA: Black Youth Network

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