All of Vie - You Don't Know What Love Is (Music Video)

All of Vie | An introduction

All of Vie, Montreal-based jazz vocalist, performs Gene de Paul/Don Raye's "You Don't Know What Love Is".


Director: Valérie Bah
Assistant Director: Athena Holmes
Production Assistants: Samm Reid, Marie-Jude Salomon

Vocals: Vie Charles 
Piano: Yannick Anctil 
Guitar: Jean-Michel Leblanc 
Bass: Francis Viau

Recording: Andrew Wyatt

Vie Charles
Francis Viau 
Jean-Michel Leblanc 
Steve Bergeron 
Ievgeniia Kybalchych
Dominic Provost
Stephen Coderre
Mariana Tzoneva
Mélissa Labelle-Coté
Raphaël Mongeau
Viviane Caron
Samuel Raymond
Akerke Kera
Baptiste Maudry
Amanda L. Darveau
Isabelle Girard-Meunier

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